Diary of a Bride - Fiona & Greg at Mar Hall Hotel

A home coming wedding in Scotland organised from Australia

After living in Sydney for the past 3 years, booking a wedding in Scotland took some time. But we managed it, and it was the most wonderful day!

Friday 28th September - the Wedding Day!

Wakening up just before my alarm at 7am, too excited to sleep any longer, I realised our big day had finally arrived.  Catherine, my Australian bridesmaid, had stayed with mum and I the night before, so she was first in for a 'happy wedding day' hug.  Nicola and Karen arrived soon after and we started the day with some excitement and breakfast. 

Lynsey (our makeup artist), arrived not long after 8am and started her work on the girls. She was so great to have around in the morning. Such a bubbly, fun girl that we all loved and had a good laugh with. Maureen, our hairdresser arrived a little later and got started on curling the girls hair. She was also very friendly and fun to have around.

My mum put on an amazing spread of food for us all to munch on during the morning which was ideal, as we didn't manage a set time for lunch!

Late morning, Greg's dad arrived with the bouquets and my dads button hole - they were gorgeous calla lilies and just what I had imagined. It was so exciting seeing all the planning paying off. I was informed at this point that the boys were still in bed!

12pm came around quickly as Dad arrived all ready to go. I was still in my pjs with no hair or makeup started! Nick was arriving at 12.30pm to get shots of the girls helping me into my dress, and have a relaxing glass of champagne before heading off to the church. However, we ended up running slightly behind schedule! As I was getting my makeup started, Nicola noticed that she had only managed to cover half her arm in fake tan. Off to the local chemist she went, returning with some sun shimmer which averted the brown/white line disaster. We couldn't stop laughing.

Finishing off with my hairstyle, the girls were all ready to go and the cars had started to arrive. It was time to get my dress on and get to the church! Our service was at 2pm (20min car ride away) and at 1.58pm, I was ready to go. The beautiful navy blue Bentley was sitting outside my mums house and thankfully had lots of room for my dress to fit into. 


"Nick was truly professional in every way and is such a nice guy too. We can't thank him enough for all he did on the day"

As we arrived at the church, the rain stopped and the sun shone. It was perfect. My brother Martyn was standing at the front door to welcome us and the congregation were asked to stand. This was it.

Our string quartet played 'Glasgow Love Theme' alongside our talented pianist and it sounded amazing. The girls went in one by one, followed by my Dad and I. It was such a lovely experience. Smiling my way down the aisle at all our friends and families and to see the man of my dreams at the end, with a big smile on his face. Perfect. 

My lovely Aunt and Uncle sang 'One Hand, One Heart' from West Side Story which was the first moment that I thought I was going to cry. It was beautiful. We also had a reading from Greg's Aunt, which was perfect. Rev Douglas Cranston did a lovely ceremony - except that he forgot to allow Greg to kiss the bride! After I had specifically requested it at the rehearsal too! 

After signing the register, the strings started playing the traditional 'Wedding March', easing into 'All You Need is Love', by the Beatles. It was a lovely way to walk up the aisle as a married couple!

After lots of hugs and photographs outside the church, we headed off in the Bentley, enjoyed a glass of champagne, and soon arrived at Mar Hall  (in the sunshine again!)

Vikki, our wedding coordinator, was there to welcome us with a glass of champagne and we managed to have time to mingle with our guests. Nick assessed the weather conditions and noticed the huge cloud headed our way, so we started with portrait and family shots indoors. They were great. We didn't have to stand around too long and it was time for more mingling. 

Later, once the rain had passed, we managed to get outside for some more group shots and a few more shots of Greg and I. Nick was great at knowing exactly where and when to take the shots, and he is so efficient that we didn't have to stand posing for hours.

A few chocolate dipped strawberries later and it was time to head over to the marquee for our reception. This time it was raining. We were offered a golf buggy to drive over the short distance to the marquee entrance - Greg didn't have to be asked twice and was in the buggy ready to drive off before I realised it wasn't a joke. I just about fit my dress in and we sped over the road. 

The marquee was stunning. Just what I had picture with the table centres and all the decoration. Our piper piped the top table in and we sat down to a lovely 3 course meal. 

In-between our main and dessert, Nick asked if we could head out to the golf course for some portrait shots. It was pretty cold by this point and very muddy - but with the help of my handsome groom and beautiful chief bridesmaid, we made it. And boy was it worth it. The photographs that Nick created are absolutely stunning.

A few tears were shed during the 3 great speeches and as the evening guests arrived, we were ready to cut the cake and have our first dance. We danced to 'Lucky' by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat and it was just lovely. Its my mother in laws new favourite song now. This was a great time for Greg and I to dance, kiss, cuddle and have a few moments to ourselves (minus the fact all eyes were on us). We didn't even notice. It was our time and it was great.

The bridal party joined us for the second dance - 'Better Together', by Jack Johnson, which our amazing band Aurora performed. And then it was time to dance the night away. The dance floor was never empty. The band were just fabulous. Everyone commented on how good they were. They even played a couple of ceilidh dances and a few aussie classics which was great. Nick stayed for the first few dances to get some great shots of our guests dancing under the sparkling lights and it was time for him to go home and have a well deserved rest. 

Midnight came around far too quickly, and a group of us headed over to the Mar Hall bar for a couple more drinks before bed.  We were very lucky to be staying in the Mar Hall suite for 2 nights. What a great end to a beautiful day. 

A few days later, when we were enjoying our honeymoon in NYC, I received an email from Nick with the details for the photographs on the website. WOW. They were more than we could have asked for and captured the day so very well.

Nick was truly professional in every way and is such a nice guy too. We can't thank him enough for all he did on the day!

Thank you, Fiona & Greg xxx

Other Suppliers: 

Makeup - Lynsey Findlay

Hair - Maureen Crolla 

Flowers - Nic Dalby 

Strings - Cairn String Quartet 

Venue - Mar Hall Resort and Spa, Vikki Bal 

Band - Aurora




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