Diary of a Bride - Petra & Kurt in Oban

A destination wedding in Scotland organised from the USA

Kurt and I chose Oban, Scotland as the site of our destination wedding.  Two weeks before Kurt deployed, he proposed to me in Washington, DC.  Kurt was deploying to Afghanistan for a year and we knew we wanted to meet and get married during his three week break.  We decided meeting overseas would be fun and convenient, since it would mean an overseas honeymoon as well.  We both have Scottish ancestry; I being a Keith, Kurt a Campbell.  Oban is the sister city of Laurinburg, North Carolina, which is about 10 miles from my hometown.  All of these factors led to our decision to choose Scotland, and then hone in on the beautiful seaside town of Oban.  

An added bonus to our overseas wedding plan was that Kurt is an identical twin, and his brother, Mark, was deploying with him for the year stint also.  Mark's wife was pregnant when he left, so by having our wedding on their break, many different reunions would be simultaneous.  Kurt's parents would be able to see both of their deployed sons, Mark would be able to spend time getting to know his newborn daughter, and also to see his own wife, Michelle.  
I wanted to choose an intimate venue that would allow the family to congregate and relax, and that would also be a beautiful spot for the ceremony.  We hit the internet and found the Alt Na Craig House.  The reviews were sterling and after skyping with the owners, Sandy and Ina MacArthur, I was sold.  They offered to help with the wedding planning.  Honestly, I couldn't have done it without them.  My advice to any couple planning their own wedding would be to splurge on food and photography.  Everything else is just detail.  
I knew I wanted a simple wedding.  For me, it wasn't about elaborate flowers, dress or extra fuss.  I wanted to marry my handsome groom, my best friend, in a special place, witnessed by those whom we loved the most. I wanted to treat those that had traveled so far for our wedding to wonderful gourmet meals, allowing them a chance to mix and get to know one another. We had a groom's dinner at the Coast Restaurant the night before the wedding and the food was phenomenal!  We had reserved the restaurant and had speeches and toasts.  It was fun and relaxed.  We invited the Scottish Minister that Sandy and Ina had coordinated to marry us. He delighted us with Scottish legends and history.  
Our photography started the next morning...Nick captured shots of our  preparations...Kurt getting dressed up in his new Hugo Boss suit, and being given shots of liquid courage from his rowdy friends.  He got pictures of me having my hair done by Mark's wife, Michelle.  Kurt and I also had some rather non-traditional photographic options.  We read some advice from a bride that recommended doing all the pictures PRIOR to the actual wedding, the idea being that the celebratory flow of the day is not interrupted by family and other group shots after the ceremony.  No long waiting for the guests for the bride and groom to arrive to the reception.  More time to just rejoice and enjoy the special day with those we love. I liked this advice, but had some reservation.  This meant Kurt would see me in my dress earlier in the day, before the actual ceremony.  I was concerned about this, but after speaking with Nick, we were able to arrange a "FIRST LOOK" shot that captured the moment when Kurt first saw me as his bride.  It also meant we could travel from the Alt Na Craig House to McCaig's Tower for our wedding shots and have plenty of time to do so. Our family loved the tower pictures and were entertained with the views while awaiting their individual turns.
Throughout the day, during the ceremony, and afterwards as we entered our reception at the Seafood Temple, Nick caught candid moments that we will always cherish.  He also indulged me and took some playful shots with props that I had brought along.  We were married on the Fourth of July..America's Independence Day, my parent's own wedding day, and this year, their 42nd wedding anniversary.  I had brought along photos of them that we held as we had our own picture taken.
Continuity and love, past and future, ancestry and newborn children, all united for our special day and captured by NDK Wedding Photography. Thank you, Nick.


My advice to any couple planning their own wedding would be to splurge on food and photography.  

Everything else is just detail ."




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